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Stinging Nettle Absolute Oil 5ml

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Product information

Stinging Nettle Absolute 5ml

Origin France

Colour: Brown/Green, warm gently before use

Viscosity: thick but pourable

Urtica. dioica is abundant in northern Europe and much of Asia, usually found in the countryside. It is less widespread in southern Europe and north Africa, where it is restricted by its need for moist soil, but is still common. In North America, it is widely distributed in Canada and the USA, where it is found in every province and state except for Hawaii and also can be found in northernmost Mexico. It grows in abundance in the Pacific North West, especially in places where annual rainfall is high. The European subspecies has been introduced into North America and South America.

This rare and extremely hard to find absolute oil is a natural product produced from the stinging nettle  plant itself by solvent extraction. The absolute has a thick viscosity but is pourable. It has a clean fragrant, herb like scent which is reminiscent of summer flower meadows . A must have for blenders and perfumers who like to experiment with new and exciting aromas or to create a new nature inspired cosmetic preparation. 

For External cosmetic use only. Dilute before using on the skin.

Technical specifications

Brand: The Aromatherapy Shop
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Condition: New


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